Martial Musings

Guest Post: “The Instructor-Student Gap: Why Your Students Still Suck” by Josh Stewart April 5, 2017 - Having trouble getting your martial arts students to do what you ask? Josh Stewart explains in this guest post where the communication gap may lie. … Continue reading
5 Phrases That Need To Be Used MORE In The Dojo March 8, 2017 - Knowing and understanding these 5 concepts is key to comprehending the principles that dictate the outcome of violent encounters. … Continue reading
Dojo Gossip: Let’s Kick Some Scuttlebutt! (Part 1) January 10, 2017 - Why is it that the martial arts seems to foster so much gossip? What is it about the martial arts that attract such drama? In this blog, I provide plausible answers to these questions. … Continue reading
A Charmed Martial Arts Life December 22, 2016 - As the year comes to a close, I would like to take the time to recognize those who have helped me in my most recent martial arts journey. … Continue reading
A Good Training Partner Is Hard to Find November 15, 2016 - You don’t always have a choice on who you partner with, but if you did have the choice, who would be the ideal partner to get the most out of your training? … Continue reading
Dojo Disillusionment October 3, 2016 - Because of the politics & drama that arise in the world of martial arts, you may feel disillusioned with your training and ask "If this is what the martial arts attracts, why am I still training?" … Continue reading
You Failed Your Grading; What’s Next? August 24, 2016 - Failed your Karate grading? Feeling Bummed? Don't worry! Here's 3 pieces of advice to get back your dojo mojo! … Continue reading
Being A Good Uke; It’s Harder Than You Think July 12, 2016 - You would think that letting the Sensei hurt you would be easy, that any dumbie can do it! But, not just any dumbie, a very skilled dumbie. . . … Continue reading
May’s Video of the Month: Michael Jai White June 16, 2016 - Watch Michael Jai White teach the late Kimbo Slice a lesson in technique. … Continue reading
Kama Connections with Sensei Darrin Johnson June 8, 2016 - In studying weaponry, such as the kama, it helps us to build a better understanding of where our art comes from and the context in which it was developed. … Continue reading
April’s Video of the Month: Master Ken May 13, 2016 - Master Ken calls attention to the many shortcomings that martial arts are subject to. This is why his episode is April's video of the month. … Continue reading
The Web Master: Spinning Concepts with Sensei Paul Lopresti – Part 2 April 25, 2016 - Grappling is a common aspect of fighting karate practitioners overlook. Learn how Sensei Paul takes Karate to the ground! … Continue reading
The Web Master: Spinning Concepts with Sensei Paul Lopresti – Part 1 April 13, 2016 - Learn how Sensei Paul Lopresti spins connections between solo movements and ground techniques. … Continue reading
March’s Video of the Month: Tim Larkin, The Paradox of Violence March 30, 2016 - Tim Larkin explains that violence is a tool that is accessible to all of us. … Continue reading
Old Woman Cries In Her Sleeve March 24, 2016 - Based on my experience learning Tsuki-Naka with Sensei McCarthy, I examine how to overcome physical and mental fatigue while training. … Continue reading
February’s Video of the Month: Chris Prickett March 7, 2016 - Chris Prickett's awesome takedown is what makes his demonstration The Martial Arts Muse's Video of the Month! … Continue reading
Review: Project 16 Hand Positioning February 22, 2016 - In this review we look at Kyoshi Ante Brännbacka's video on hand positioning from his Project 16 series. Find out what you are missing in his systematic analysis of positioning! … Continue reading
Lady Puts on a Necklace February 10, 2016 - What does it really mean to be a black belt? Based on my experience training with Sensei McCarthy, I explore what determines the worth of the belts we wear. … Continue reading
January’s Video of the Month: Rika Usami February 1, 2016 - Rika Usami is the epitome of precision. That's why her demonstration is January's Video of the Month! … Continue reading
Lady Looks In a Mirror-Part 2 January 24, 2016 - Based on my experience training with Sensei Patrick McCarthy in Calgary, I explore the relationship between Riai Kumite and intent. … Continue reading
Lady Looks In a Mirror-Part 1 January 14, 2016 - What is Riai Kumite? Learn the key to understanding functional practice in the martial arts. … Continue reading
KU Quick Tip Posture for Drive 5 Ways to Promote Your Martial Art on YouTube January 4, 2016 - Learn 5 different ways to promote your martial arts club on YouTube. … Continue reading
The Muse December 31, 2015 - A muse is a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for creative artist, or in this case a martial artist. … Continue reading

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