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  • How To Train With Females How to Train with Females - To best help my male martial arts friends, here are 3 ways to help make your female partners feel comfortable so that you can feel more comfortable too.
  • Bunkai, Karate, Oyo, Kata Applications Are You Practicing Bullsh!t Bunkai? - I write this as a type of public service announcement that not all that glitters is gold. Please don’t teach bad self-defense just so the movements match the kata!
  • Kata, Karate Is This The Return of Kata? - Because solo templates are and have always been a pivotal part of Karate’s practice, a focus on solo practice has lent itself to an ease of adaptability in current times. In this blog, we look a little bit further at why.
  • Bjj white belt, Karate black belt Things I’ve Learned From BJJ As A Karate Black Belt - In this post, I explore how my experience a karate black belt, enlightens the path I walk as a BJJ practitioner and vice versa.
  • Want To Be Good At Martial Arts? It’s About Time In. - Whether your a serious competitor or just pursuing martial arts as a hobby, its all about how many hours of work you invest in. It’s the time you spend working technique and the energy you expend to master it that determines your skill and rank.