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  • What Is Violence? - When two or more people enter a violent encounter, they’ve entered a unique human relationship. And I think many, even those with martial arts experience, underestimate the intimacy, closeness and extremely gross nature of real violence. 
  • Does Your Karate Have “Flavour”? - “It is necessary to drink alcohol and pursue other fun activities. The art [karate] of someone who is too serious has no flavour.” – Motobu Choki
  • 5 Tips To Avoid Failure In Martial Arts - It can often be those who excel in the physical arena that lack the correct attitude to meet their potential. While those who fail to pick up techniques easily possess the true grit to succeed. Whatever your ability, I'll hope you'll enjoy and apply these five tips to avoid failure in the martial arts.
  • How To Train With Females How to Train with Females - To best help my male martial arts friends, here are 3 ways to help make your female partners feel comfortable so that you can feel more comfortable too.
  • Bunkai, Karate, Oyo, Kata Applications Are You Practicing Bullsh!t Bunkai? - I write this as a type of public service announcement that not all that glitters is gold. Please don’t teach bad self-defense just so the movements match the kata!