April’s Video of the Month: Master Ken

Carol Burnett said that “comedy is tragedy plus time.”

This is what I think of when I watch Enter the Dojo’s Master Ken.

Why do martial artists of every style watch and enjoy Enter The Dojo, when almost all our arts have been noted as “Bullshit?”

Well. . . Because it’s true!

For every legitimate martial artist out there with an understanding of body mechanics and the reality of violence, there’s dozens who have no idea what they are doing.

Master Ken’s satirical style, Amerido-te, embodies the shortcomings that all martial arts styles are subject to and, through its comedy, criticizes the unwavering dedication and naive devotion that many martial artists display.

This particular episode calls attention to the sport elements of BJJ, where in practice one always has the option of tapping – an unrealistic strategy for a street encounter.

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