January’s Video of the Month: Rika Usami


No, that’s not the sound of a bone breaking.

That’s the sound of Rika Usami’s gi!

(Seriously, what does she put in that thing?)

Her performance is the epitome of precision.

She demonstrates different templates from Bassai, Kusanku and other katas while surrounding herself with dominos that, unlike her opponents, barely quiver. In fact, she is so confident in her movements that at no point do her eyes gaze down.

It is because of this World Champion’s flawless execution that Rika Usami’s demonstration is January’s video of the month.


KU Quick Tip Posture for Drive

5 Ways to Promote Your Martial Art on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube reaches more U.S. adults between 18 and 34 than any cable network?

YouTube allows you to reach a greater audience in an engaging way with low costs. This is just one reason why YouTube is the perfect social media platform to showcase your martial arts club.

Here are just a few types of videos to promote your club and style over YouTube:

1)   Instructional Videos

Instructional videos show the type of material the students will be learning. For potential students this format gives insight into the instructor’s teaching style.

At the same time, these tutorial style videos act as review and give deeper insight into techniques for current students.

2)   Kata Applications

The average novice will look at a kata application video and see it as no more than a demonstration. However experienced martial artists, especially in the East Asian traditions, will have a great appreciation for functional applications.

A video containing what has become known as Bunkai in Karate is a great way to generate conversation about your style and build relationships in the online martial arts community.

3)   Testimonials

Testimonials act as social proof and are a key factor in building consumer trust. Video testimonials are also an effective way to attract a specific demographic, like children, women and seniors. When potential students see others like themselves, they are more likely to check out your school.

4)   Demonstrations

Demonstration videos are an awesome way to add entertainment value. These types of videos should showcase the best your martial arts school has to offer. This not only shows future students what they will one day learn, it also gives them something to aspire to.

5)   Competitions

If you are in a competitive martial art, like Brazilian Jujitsu or Tae Kwon Do, posting competition videos are another great way to build consumer trust. It will also attract potential martial arts students with a competitive edge.

Keep in mind, each video format will attract a different audience and potentially a different student base.

Be sure to know your goals and post quality content that will attract the ideal audience to your martial arts community both on and offline.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to promote your martial art on social media.